Hello! Thank you for your interest in Her Creative Studio's Affiliate Program. I will only be selecting a limited number of like minded people to work with and will only accept those who share similar brand values. 

Please note, the review process takes approximately 3-5 business days. A website/blog address is a requirement. Please include in the description section when signing up.

If accepted, you will have your own full-featured dashboard and reporting tools, so you can keep track of performance for both programs and optimize your efforts. I will provide graphics and text for you to use and compensate you 25% of sales for the Stock Shop and 10% of sales for the Membership Library made through your custom link. You may apply for only one or both programs*  and will be given separate assets and links within your dashboard. These programs currently do not include Etsy or Creative Market.

*Apply for one program to start. After approval you can apply for the second program and it will be added to your already set-up dashboard.