A little about the brand


Because everyone deserves a brand they can be proud of.
— Sandra from Her Creative Studio

Her Creative Studio works hard to create thoughtful, styled imagery for creatives, bloggers and all women entrepreneurs who crave a fabulous brand but struggle to do it themselves. 

Having the tools you need to get noticed, build an audience and grow your sales is essential and using Her Creative Studio's styled imagery will make it effortless.

I am motivated by the challenges of making everyday objects work together harmoniously and inspired by the vast array of colours and textures.  With a passion for creating the story behind each shoot, I love cultivating my styling skills and nurturing my own photography style.

I began this adventure with the hopes of meeting like-minded people like you, sharing our stories and inspiring each others creativity. Motivated by a passion to support women in business, my vision is to grow Her Creative Studio into a valuable resource that will help you achieve all your business goals.  I love to meet other creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs! As a community full of innovative women (and momma's) it's so important to inspire those who want to do the same and champion those who already have!

The story behind the name? It's short but sweet. I named it after my three loves; my two daughters and my husband, who's initials spell H.E.R.