Madison Street Collection


Designers: Elaina DeBoard, Eliza Gwendalyn, Jim Lyles
Foundry: StudioWays

Madison Street is a font family with 7 fabulous typefaces! Eliza Gwendalyn & Jim Lyles of Studioways have teamed up with Spencerian calligrapher Elaina DeBoard to create a classic pointed pen calligraphy font. From ornamental monograms to a variety of complimentary text styles, Madison Street Font is perfect for every designer. Enjoy the sleek Madison Street Sans, Serif or Script, paired with the Ornaments font, complete with ornate monograms, or use each typeface on its own!

Madison Street is a basic version of the Pro font, intended for users who do not have OpenType savvy applications.

Madison Street Stylistic is also a basic version of the Pro font, intended for users who do not have OpenType savvy applications. It has stylistically different ascenders and descenders.

Madison Street Swash is intended to be used with the basic fonts, Madison Street and Madison Street Stylistic. It has lowercase beginning and ending swash glyphs and cannot be used to set text by itself.

Madison Street Sans, Serif, and Script are text fonts modeled after the handwriting of Elaina. They are intended to be complimentary to any of the script fonts. However, you'll need to set them at a smaller point size (about 1/3 the size) in order to get the preferred scale and weight.

Finally, the hairline weight of the Madison Street script fonts is very thin, and at small sizes up to 40 pt, you may notice some breaking up when printing to desktop printers. To remedy this, we recommend outline stroking the text a small amount (.1 -.3 value). This should improve the output without adding to much weight overall.


Each Font comes with a standard non-exclusive, terminable and non-transferable license which includes 1-2 users. If additional users are needed please purchase the font again.

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