Madison Street Pro

Madison Street Pro


Designers: Elaina DeBoard, Eliza Gwendalyn, Jim Lyles
Foundry: StudioWays

Eliza Gwendalyn & Jim Lyles of Studioways have teamed up with Spencerian calligrapher Elaina DeBoard to create a classic pointed pen calligraphy font.

Madison Street Pro has all the OpenType bells and whistles. The Ligature feature automatically substitutes beginning and ending letterforms, as well as 100 ligatures. Turn on the Swash feature for elegantly sweeping swash lowercase forms. Enable Stylistic Alternates for even more variations. There are also 10 Style Sets to chose from. And many more OT features!


Each Font comes with a standard non-exclusive, terminable and non-transferable license which includes 1-2 users. If additional users are needed please purchase the font again.

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